Here you can get some information about our two partner companies.

Läckerli Huus

Läckerli Huus has been a partner of Cadolino AG since 2011.
The company was established in 1903 by André Klein in Basel.
The company is famous for their classic "Basler Läckerli", but their products range from pralines to cream taffels in various flavours, and much more.

Sweet Basel

Sweet Basel is the newest partner of Cadolino AG.
They have been successfully producing handmade sweets since 1921.
Sweet Basel has become famous through the Basel Autumn Fair. There the company sells "Mässmoggen", "Nougat" and "Kissen".

Tel: 061 468 18 55


Cadolino AG

Mauerstrasse 1

4057 Basel

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