Dear customers,


Unfortunately we have to inform you that we will close Cadolino AG from 28.01.2021. However, we will open again for you in August. We hope that you have found something suitable with us, felt comfortable and shopped with pleasure. You can look forward to new, great and exciting products in our assortment in August 2021.


We can't wait to start supplying you again in August.


Until then, your Cadolino team wishes you good health and a good time.


With kind regards


The Cadolino Team


We are back in business

Dear Cotumers


We are happy to announce that summer break is officially over and Cadolino AG is back in business. 

We are looking forward to introduce our new team and to be working with you for the next  six months.


Check out our Instagram @cadolino.ag for new posts and updates.


your Cadolino AG team



summer break

Dear customers, dear fans


On the 28st of January 2020 the team of 2019 will say goodbye to Cadolino AG and they will start their well-deserved vacation!


We will be back for you at the beginning of August. 


 Nevertheless, stay tuned, we will keep you up to date. 


You are welcome to visit our Instagram @cadolino.ag and @sweetbasel.ag 


 We want to thank you for your interest and the numerous orders in 2019/2020.


 Your Cadolino Team. 

Parent presentation night

"Gold & Glitter" was our motto. In the middle of November our company had our annual Parent Presentation Night. We introduced the umbrella organisation, the company and the various departments within the company. Each of the trainees chose a star to play on the red carpet. In order to bring a little variety to the night, we showed excerpts of a filme we made in Constance. After our presentations we organised an aperitif. During the meal our parents had the opportunity to  exchange some ideas and thoughts with the instructors.  The weeks of preparation were worth it, since  the evening was a complete success.

Our Camp

Day 1

Our camp started on Tuesday 1 October at the "Badischer Bahnhof". After an almost 2 hour long train ride and about 15 min walk we arrived at our destination the "Bodensee Arena" in Konstanz.

After unpacking our suitcases and eating something we went straight to the ice arena. Each group had time to come up with  a choreography and perfom it for the group. We all had a lot of fun. Later that day we had a football tournament.

To get to know each other a little better we played some fun games in the evening. That finished off our day pretty good

Day 2

The next morning we had to do a group assignment on the topic "Who am I?" and we got the task to solve an escape box.

In the afternoon we had an exciting city tour through Constance which was followed up with some time to write posts, make videos or take pictures for our Instagram Account.

At the end of the day we had dinner  in a restaurant.

Service 3

On the last day we had to build a boat by using a pet bottle. After we built it we had to compose a song about it in which we were saying goodbye to our boat and the captain, a paper frog. All in all there were a lot of funny songs and we all had a lot to laugh about.


After lunch we travelled back home.


The camp was a very funexperience, we got to know each other better and grew together as a team and are now more of a unit.

From now on  the Cadolino.AG creates the Instagram contributions for Sweetbasel. Just drop by and leave a Like.