About us

general information

What's Cadolino?

Cadolino is one of worldwide 7'000 practice companys. We sell different gift items for every age and opportunity.


How does a practice company work?

The concept of practice enterprises is used for education, retraining and reintegration for people in office jobs worldwide.


A practice enterprise replicates the commercial activities of all the departments of an import-export company. To commit to a work placement within an PE is to experience the current economic reality and to enhance one's professional skills in five different departments.


Our motto is "learning by doing" and we profit from our mistakes.


Who's behind Cadolino?

The training association aprentas is founder and supervisor of Cadolino and another pracitce enterprise called Bal'oro.

aprentas again was founded by the two famous pharmaceutical enterprises Novartis and Syngenta.


What's the purpose of Cadolino?

The commercial apprentices from Novartis learn all the essential basics here in there first semester.


Each person works in three different departments, gets to know the tasks as well as their own strengts and interessts. In addition there are a lot of special courses to teach the professional competences such as "customer focus".


Aside of the daily business the apprentices organise some events, create their very own magazine and the company's newest catalog.


After the basic semester the apprentices go well prepared to their real companys and start in the fist department.



















Gründung der Novartis Pharma AG durch den Zusammenschluss der Firmen Ciba-Geigy und Sandoz in Basel.


Gründung der Praxisfirma Cibalino in Basel.
Die Namensgebung erfolge in Anlehnung an die ehemalige Ciba.
Bereits damals diente die Cibalino als Ausbildungsbüro für kaufmännische Lernende der Branche Chemie.


Namensänderung mittel eines Wettbewerbs von Cibalino zu Cadolino AG.


Sortimentsänderung auf Grund der Neugründung der zweiten Praxisfirma - Bal'oro AG.
Neuerdings verkauft die Cadolino AG keinen Schmuck mehr, um der Bal'oro nicht zu konkurrieren.


 Das Läckerlihuus Basel wird neuer Partner der Cadolino AG.


Sweet Basel unterschreibt die Partnercharta und übergibt deren Instagram-Account in die Hände des kompetenten Lernenden-Team der Cadolino AG.


Team 2019 / 2020

Jeden August starten circa 10 neue Lernende ihre Ausbildung bei der Novartis Pharma AG und übernehmen somit für ein halbes Jahr die verschiedenen Positionen in der Cadolino AG.